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Kolonia Artystów / Dolna 4 / Dolna MIasto
Wstęp wolny 

I get my inspiration from natural, animal or human constructions to create an imaginary collection of habitats, through contemporary drawing. I am impressed by the vernacular constructions of hay (straw architectures) from Karpaty mountains and local, technical knowledge adapted to the climate and natural relief conditions. This is why I am creating boundaries between traditional and contemporary, functional and visual human architectures. I would like to rethink the contemporary habitats by creating a typology of imaginary natural habitats with organic shapes and materials, which are closer to the nature. The purpose is to imagine architectures which are a part of natural landscape.

I am always considering those habitats from the point of view of fictional drawing and subjective seeing through contemporary design thinking. By my drawings I will show how I see these days architecture with light, moveable, organic structures. The idea of the temporary architecture inspires me. I am imagining those constructions as a space which could exist for a week or a month without concrete foundation and with ecological building. It could move, and be rebuilt in another place with local materials. I see those habitats as a contrary of contemporary common straight (rigid) and heavy houses which are completely disconnected from the natural landscapes, curved and fluid, organic shapes. The habitats have to be from natural materials, with organic shapes (no straight angles), can evolve and change the appearance, can be built and unbuilt easily with no waste.

The aim of the project is to analyse our way of constructing and living in nature: think about the new alternative ways of building, with random aleatory visual aspect; create the imaginary constructions for us humans, as a part of living cycle; put the accent to the local traditional knowledge and see how it can change the way of thinking our contemporary habitats; create links between technical and functional constructions and fictional habitats.

Rezydencje artystyczne odbywają się w ramach projektu MIESZKAŃCY.
Projekt dofinansowano ze środków Miasta Gdańsk
Organizator: Kolonia Artystów