14.07.2019 g. 21:00

The project consists of an immersive full-body experience. Therefore, it is both a musical and visual project where the two dimensions play together creating an hypnotic flow of rare beauty. The beautifully-crafted footage featuring ancient populations in their own natural environment is reinterpreted and enhanced by the music, a personal tribute to world music with a dark, deep twist. With its fluid progression of music and images, Ab uno. develops and unfolds as the audience is carried away in hypnotic atmospheres of far-away lands."


Bilety w cenie 10 pln do nabycia przed koncertem w Kolonii.
Koncert odbywa się w ramach projektu OPEN
Projekt dofinansowano ze środków Miasta Gdańsk

Kolonia Artystów

Nowe idzie od morza
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