Ayla Pierrot Arendt - Audio - video - live act - performance

21.07.2017 godz. 21:00
Nowa Kolonia \ Al. grunwaldzka 51, Gdańsk Wrzeszcz
Wstęp wolny
Projekt jest finansowany z wpłat 1% podatku na działalność statutową Kolonii Artystów.

O C T O P U S S Y lives in an ocean that is deep. She has 8 arms and a beak. She tastes what she touches. Sharing interest is powerful.

O C T O P U S S Y takes music or sounds, waste or experiences from each place she visits to bring fragments of it to the next place where she creates a situation for locals to share her music, to take away jam, juice or wine. ON TOUR w/Another is Sad is about the transportation and production of a sad music that has hope. Hope that sharing interests creates free space for exchange and interaction. By following the connections she made through friends and friends of friends last year in order to promote the music of Other musicians that touched her, she tries to build physical relations based on common interests. She believes that music and choreography are media that move directly and immediately without exchanging words about common beliefs. Through music, we share sadness. We taste empathy and care. Together we produce a common song within the time-space that we meet.

We sort, re-use and touch the experiences we make with each other.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/220245547

Ayla Pierrot Arendt (1987 in Munich, DE) is a visual artist with a visual-sculptural-audial-philosophic practice that does not aim at a final image, like a virtuous representation of something but rather seeks for contact, an encounter or dialogue where the presented material is not only to be looked at but also an offer to engage. It is about the address of the spectator, so the audience no longer is there to just interpret what they see, but they are being involved through their imaginary, their own movement, their help. Arendt has a background in Visual Arts as well as in Choreography. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, where she focused mostly on painting and analogue animation. Since 2012 she creates video installations, for the gallery and performance context. She likes to define time-spaces that challenge the expectations of her audience. Since 2013 she has worked collaboratively, initiating discussion, including the rupture, tension and dissent that are produced in discussion. Choreography for her is about entering the very process of description itself, producing an interactive space-time that demands participation. Arendt looks for unforeseen relations between the performers, within the ideas, images and scenes. She is interested in the way it creates space IN BETWEEN. Instead of collaging a full image, individual fragments are put into tension that allow the sensation of something different. From 2012-16 she studied with philosopher Bojana Kunst at the MA program Choreography and Performance in Giessen.